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Yes, we made a butt scrub
and it's a life changer.

We literally made a beauty product for your butt
that targets cellulite, stretch marks and acne.

Yes, we made a butt scrub and it's a life changer.

We literally made a beauty product for your butt that targets cellulite, stretch marks and acne.

Why do I need a butt scrub?

It puts your booty to work.

Scrubbing with That booty tho sloughs away dead skin cells and promotes re-generation of new ones. Added bonus, it stimulates blood flow and gets fluids under the skin moving. It's like a booty wake up call (not to be confused with a booty call).

It's rich in vitamins, no fillers here.

We're super picky about what is in our skincare, so of course That booty tho is made from organic ingredients. Natural + recycleable packaging equals responsibly sourced beauty. Winning!

It makes your butt soft to the touch.

Your butt will be so soft, it will be hard not to touch. That booty tho is packed with cold pressed oils, vitamin E and antioxidants.

It requires you to be naked.

You spend so much time applying products to your face, but your booty needs some love too. Part of the fun of That booty tho is the booty ritual. Get naked and take a nice steamy shower or bath with this stuff.

What babes are saying.

Can't believe it.

"I was really sceptical about this product.. thinking there's no way a scrub can get rid of cellulite.. I was wronggggg and pleasantly surprised! I saw a difference after the 2nd time using it, I also started working out. You can't rely on the scrub to do all the work. It definitely helps but you gotta help yourself as well! Love love love this stuff. Will be be purchasing! The only thing you have to rinse off the shower after showering. The grains sink to the bottom and stay there. Can't wait to get my next jar :heart_eyes:"


Really Decreases Cellulite

i've always had really bad cellulite on my butt and back of thighs. i started using this on those areas. after about 4 applications, i can definitely tell a decrease in the amount of cellulite! will continue to buy.


Exceeds Expectations

I was beyond skeptical of this, as most things I've purchased after seeing ads on IG or FB have been a total waste of money.... but I love this stuff!!! To say it works is an understatement. I've dealt with embarrassing marks and blemishes for years but that's over now!!! :)


Magic is an understatement.

I am AMAZED with the results I have seen just by using the scrub a few times. I have seen less cellulite numbs in my legs - they look a lot more firm and feel extremely soft. I also feel like my stretch marks have become less noticeable. I would recommend this scrub to anyone and everyone - it is AWESOME!! I am about to buy my second tub of it as we speak. Don't miss out, this scrub is so worth it!


Shop That booty tho.

That booty tho.

The Original Booty Scrub
Regular price

Our cult-favorite booty scrub.

Our original, ultra-finely milled booty polish formula contains a unique mix of oils, extracts, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

What it does: By using That booty tho 2-3 times per week to polish your butt, you can say bye to acne, slay stretch marks and tell cellulite to take a hike.

Why it's the best out there: 

  • Finely milled walnut shells are ground so fine to give you gentle yet effective exfoliation without being too abrasive
  • Our ultra hydrating formula keeps your skin from getting too dry or too irritated after a scrub
  • With over 3k reviews, this is the original booty polish that made booty scrubbing a thing
  • Packaged in a glass heavy weighted jar to ensure reduced plastic waste

Dermatologist tested, not tested on animals, vegan, paraben-free, non-comedogenic, product contains nuts.

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