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That Booty Tho Large Size

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Meet the Booty Scrub that will transform your skin.

  • Unrivaled Exfoliation: Thanks to its organic walnut seed powder, Anese's Booty Scrub sloughs off dead skin like a boss, revealing your smoothest, most refined skin yet.

  • Battle Against Body Acne: Say goodbye to annoying buttne and backne. This scrub fights the good fight, leaving your skin clear and blemish-free.

  • Fade Away: Got marks, scars, or blemishes? No problem. Regular use of this scrub helps them fade into oblivion, leading to an even skin tone.

  • Bright and Hydrated: Shea Butter and Rosehip Oil are the dynamic duo in this scrub, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and bright. Say hello to your skin's glow-up!

  • Clean and Cruelty-Free: This scrub is plant-based, free of harsh chemicals, cruelty-free, and vegan. It's not just good for your skin, it's good for the planet, too.

  • Special Offer: Order a large booty scrub and bag a regular-sized one for free! Now's the perfect chance to experience this skin transformation firsthand.

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Three Reasons Why You'll Love the Booty Scrub


Exfoliation Powerhouse

Anese's booty scrub and serum is a game-changer, banishing dead skin cells and giving your booty the ultimate glow-up.


Ingredients your skin will love

With its blend of natural exfoliants, oils, and botanical extracts, this scrub is a skincare dream come true. Say hello to a booty that feels nourished, hydrated, and oh-so-smooth.


Self Care is top of our list

Treat yourself to some serious TLC. It's all about embracing self-care rituals and indulging in that at-home spa experience.

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The Anese Difference

Major Difference in Thigh Stretch Marks!

WOW I love this product , it’s the only one that actually works!

swimsuit season miracle

I suffered from irritation and unsightly booty blemishes for years and years. started using this 1-2 times a week and noticed results within a matter of weeks. clearing, softening, and the walnut smell is delightful. highly recommend and you don't need to use a huge amount to see consistent results and reduction in breakouts.

Benefits of the Booty Scrub

Blemish-Free Booty

Anese's booty scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and promotes smoother, healthier-looking skin. Say goodbye to roughness and hello to a booty that shines.

Long-Lasting Results

By consistently using the scrub, you'll witness a noticeable improvement in the appearance and texture of your booty over time. Say hello to sustained booty perfection!

Boosted Confidence

By taking care of your body and indulging in a pampering experience, you'll feel more empowered, confident, and ready to embrace your beautiful self. It's time to rock that booty with pride!

Receive a free regular-sized booty scrub when you buy a Large

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Easy to Use in your Shower Routine

Scrub First

Use a walnut sized scoop of scrub, rub between palms to activate and massage into your booty in circular motions. Rinse.

Apply the Targeted Serum

Apply two pumps of glaze and massage between palms to activate. Massage into any problem areas. Do not rinse.


Repeat daily or every 2 days.

What is it made with?

Packed with moisturizing ingredients, the scrub deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin on your booty. It helps restore moisture balance, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated.


Repeat daily or every 2 days.


1,000+ Trusted Customer Reviews

That Booty Tho Large Size
Fade acne, stretch marks, and blemishes without expensive treatments.
  • Buffs and refines your booty, hips, and thighs
  • Deep cleans your pores and removes the causes of acne and aging
  • Preps your skin barrier for masks and serums
  • 100% clinically tested

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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee