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Different batches or formula

The first round I ordered of this awesome product was creamy and like a whipped moisturizer that I LOVED using for my face and collar bones. I really hope we can get this back in the future, because I only have a teeny tiny bit left that's drying out! The 2nd batch is as stated in the reviews below, VERY glittery. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some sparkles and I do use this for going out or getting fancier, but I can't wear it everyday; It's too much for the day-to-day face, unfortunately. I really hope you continue to sell the former version! Or even market them as different products. Because they're both fun, but the OG Swipe Right is the more versatile and used product!


This is my second batch that I have ordered, The first time was a hit I fell in love so once it was all gone I purchased another one, however this time it wasn't the same!
Not sure if they changed the ingredients but for real my face looks like a disco ball, the glitter they poured into the moisturizer looks like the glitter they use for arts and crafts, and sort of irritates my skin, bummed because I really really love this but wish they didn't add that kind of glitter into it. Unless, otherwise I did get a bad batch or something.

Too glittery

If you're not a glitter girl, don't get it. It works fine but leaves glitter everywhere forever! Kinda annoying. If you love glitter though, this is your stuff.

Magnificent Product!

This is defintely a 'Need to have' product! I have my own regimen where I use this after I bathe with "Hold my drink" and spray myself with "Gotta Peace Out". You May think it would be too much, but it's perfect. A little goes a long way with this and it leaves your skin looking beautiful.


I was unsure of this product at first because it seemed so glamorous while I am not so glamorous (ha), but I'm really glad I took a chance on it. The shimmer that it adds is subtle and not overwhelming, so I feel comfortable wearing it regularly. It also is a great moisturizer!