That booty tho.
The Original Booty Scrub

License to chill.
The Stress Mask.

Down with the thickness.
Collagen Booty Mask

Have you seen my underwear?
Caffeinated Booty Oil

The booty trio. - Save $10

Fuck bad vibes.
Almond and sandalwood elixir.

Hold my drink.
Coconut Oil Scrub

Skin perfecting serum.

Pretty sure i'm gorgeous.
Clarifying hydration mask.

So over it.
Exfoliating enzyme mask.

Booty Duo - Save $5!
Collagen Booty Mask and Booty Scrub

Smells like Queen spirit.
Soothing Body & Hair Elixir

Girl Power Mask Duo - Save $5!

Bless this Mess.
Soothing Body & Hair Elixir

Can I Speak to your Manager?
Facial Toner

Swipe right.
Highlighting moisturizer.

Don't be sorry be sexy.
Hydrating Body & Hair Elixir

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