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3 Ways to Avoid Razor Burn

Shaving the delicate skin in the bikini area presents some unique challenges. A close and safe shave is desired, but razor burn is the last thing you want 'down there’. 

There are steps you can take and products you can use to prevent developing razor burn after shaving your bikini area. So go buy yourself that new bikini you’ve been wanting and use these 3 ways to avoid razor burn. 

Wait to Shave 
Don’t reach for the razor as soon as you enter the shower or tub, wait until you’ve cleansed everything else. By waiting until the end of your bathing routine to shave you allow time for the water to soften hair and skin to become saturated. The wet hair and skin will prevent friction during the shaving process and create less irritation. 

When hair and skin are thoroughly wet, use your favorite exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth surface for the razor to glide across. An exfoliator should be used even on days you don’t shave your bikini area to keep the area smooth and prevent ingrown hairs. 
Use a gentle scrub that contains vitamin E to keep the skin healthy, but contains no potentially irritating added fragrance. 
The next step to avoiding razor burn is to lather the bikini up with a thick shaving cream or gel. Stay away from shaving lathers that contain fragrance or alcohol as these additives can cause skin irritation. 

Rinse the area well, gently pat dry and apply moisturizer. Use a thick moisturizer that contains vitamins and antioxidants that will help promote healing to the skin. Shaving traumatizes the skin and a rich, thick, natural moisturizer will soothe, cool and help the skin heal. Avoid moisturizing products that contain alcohol or fragrance to prevent burning and irritation. 
Avoid wearing tight clothing after shaving as this can lead to post-shave skin irritation. Enjoy a few hours in baggy sweat pants while your skin is recovering from being shaved. 

Clean your razor and store in a dry location to prevent bacteria from growing on the blades.

Here are our top recommendations for a smooth shave:

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Liz Waddick

What products from your line do you suggest for helping with bikini area razor burn?

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