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3 Tips for Preventing Body Acne

3 Tips for Preventing Body Acne - Anese

We all know that acne has a way of popping up in the worst places, but did you know that there are steps you can take to prevent body acne from appearing? Here are three tips for keeping your skin clear and glowing all over:

1. Wash your sheets regularly. We're not saying that you live in filth—we're just saying that those sheets can get pretty gross after a couple of weeks. Especially if you've been WFB (working from bed), or gotten a massage with oil, or if your pet sleeps on your bed. Give those sheets a good wash every few days, and give your body a break from the dirt and grime that's been accumulating while you sleep.

2. Don't wear dirty clothes. It may be tempting to pull on yesterday's pair of leggings when it's time to hit the gym, but think again. Those leggings have been worn by two different people (you and yourself), so they're basically twice as dirty as they were when they came out of the laundry basket. It's better to give them at least one day to air out before re-wearing them or putting them back on after working out (or just wash them again every time you wear them).


3. Use a product that removes excess dead skin and oil twice per week. Body acne is a result of oil and dirt buildup on your body from sweating, sleeping in dirty sheets, and just everyday living. Using a product regularly to remove that oil and dirt build up is going to make a major difference in your body acne. 

And of course, we have some great Anese recommendations for body acne. 


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